Explore the Museum! Scavenger Hunts and Activity Guides for School Groups and Families

Museum scavenger hunts and activity guides provide fun ways for school groups, families, home school groups, and others to explore the museum together.

Choose, download, and print your own scavenger hunt or activity guide to bring to the museum with you (recommended for large groups). The scavenger hunt and activity guides are also available at the museum's Welcome Desk.

Maine State Museum Scavenger Hunt helps you explore a variety of exhibits throughout the museum. In addition to being lots of fun, this scavenger hunt encourages observation, critical thinking, and careful recording of information.

  • Choose the scavenger hunt that covers the whole museum, or if your time is limited or your group is large and needs to be divided, choose the scavenger hunt organized according to museum floor.

The Explore the Museum Like a Scientist! activity guides spark curiosity and encourage young visitors to think like scientists by making good observations, asking questions, making comparisons, collecting information, and testing ideas. Choose and download one or all and have fun!

The Creators & Innovators activity guide introduces students and families to a variety of Maine inventors whose stories and products are on display throughout the museum. This scavenger hunt goes beyond the usual search and find activities and encourages observation, creativity, and careful recording of information.