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Museum Receives Grant Funds to Coordinate Emergency Preparedness for Maine's Libraries, Archives, Museums, and Historic Sites

The Maine State Museum has recently received grant funding from the Maine Emergency Management Agency to create the Cultural Emergency Resource Coalition (CERC:Maine) and foster awareness among Maine's cultural institutions about the importance of disaster planning.

The museum has used the grant funding to hire Ellen Dyer as the coordinator for CERC:Maine. Ellen will work part-time for one year with the CERC:Maine partners (Maine State Museum, Maine State Library, Maine State Archives, Maine Historic Presrvation Commission, Maine Archives and Museums, and the Maine Emergency Management Agency) to create and disseminate documents and coordinate emergency preparedness training statewide. Ellen will also establish and manage a CERC:Maine website where all plans, agreements, and documents can be shared with interested cultural and emergency management organizations.

Once an emergency preparedness plan is drafted by the CERC:Maine partners, it will be disseminated to counties, towns, and cultural organizations. Training will also be provided statewide so that cultural organizations can create similar plans at the local level.

Finally, the CERC:Maine coordinator will work closely with the Maine Emergency Management Agency to include cultural agencies within the Statewide Emergency Response Plan.

Watch the Maine State Museum's website for more about the CERC:Maine project and contact Ellen Dyer by phone (207-287-6696) or e-mail cerc.maine@gmail.com for additional information.