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What’s new at the Maine State Museum?
Great Coat, Great Discoveries

Great Coat, Great Discoveries

Members of the public frequently contact museum staff with inquiries about items in the collection. Often, the resulting research leads to the discovery of new, exciting information.
This is just what happened last spring when an individual contacted museum curator Angela Goebel-Bain to ask about measurements of a Civil War great coat that was donated to the state of Maine nearly 90 years ago.

A Flag, A Cane, and A Governor’s Best Friend

A Flag, A Cane, and A Governor’s Best Friend

June 1, 2023 is the 100th anniversary of the death of then-Governor Percival Baxter’s beloved Irish setter, Garry II. The death of a Maine governor’s pet seems an unlikely event to note 100 years later. But Baxter’s actions following Garry’s passing made headlines around the country and are still remembered today.

Maine’s Official Tourmaline Necklace Takes Two Tacks

Maine’s Official Tourmaline Necklace Takes Two Tacks

One necklace in Maine shows great vision for the future as well as some degree of short-sightedness. The Maine Tourmaline Necklace was beautifully crafted by Maine artisan Addison Saunders using local gold and tourmaline. In 1977, the necklace was donated to the State of Maine and presented to the Maine State Museum “for the First Lady’s use at official functions.”

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