Image Rights and Reproductions

Requesting Reproductions and Permissions

The Maine State Museum is making images of its collection available in its online database to support research and scholarship and to inform and educate the public. You can request copies of these images for personal, educational, or commercial purposes, or request an image of an object that is not available in the database, using the following steps:

  • Fill out our Image Request and Permission to Publish form, clearly identifying the object(s) you are interested in.
  • Send the completed form to and museum staff will review and respond to your request as they are able, typically within a week.
  • Your image will be delivered after your request is approved and after any payment due is received. Please allow up to two weeks for delivery for typical orders.

The museum charges cost-recovery fees for some imaging services. A fee schedule is included in the Image Request and Permission to Publish form. Fees are payable by check or money order.

The Maine State Museum grants permission for non-exclusive, one-time-only use of its collection images. The museum can only grant permission for such rights as it holds. If an image is unavailable because of copyright or other restrictions, or if an object is protected by copyright, you must get written permission from the copyright holder or other interested person before your request can be approved.

We ask that you credit images from our database to the Maine State Museum and reference the catalog number of the object or link to its database record.

If you have questions about image rights and reproductions, contact

Copyright and Restrictions

Some objects in the Maine State Museum’s collection are protected by copyright or other legal restrictions and others are in the public domain. We try to determine the copyright status of our objects to the best of our ability, and we communicate our understanding of that status in a copyright statement in each database record. This work is ongoing. In some cases, we don’t know enough about an object to determine its copyright status. The absence of a copyright statement or other information about restrictions does not mean that an object is in the public domain or has no restrictions. The Maine State Museum makes no express or implied warranty of any statement about the status of its objects.

You cannot use images of objects that are protected by copyright without obtaining permission from the copyright holder, except for personal, educational, and other non-commercial uses consistent with the principles of fair use under Section 108 of the U.S. Copyright Act. If you want to use an image of an object in the museum’s collection, it is your responsibility to determine its copyright status and get written permission for your intended use from the copyright holder. We cannot give permission when we do not hold the rights to an object or image. The Maine State Museum disclaims any and all responsibility for third-party use of its collections images when permission has not been given by the copyright holder and/or the use has not been explicitly approved by the museum.

The Maine State Museum is actively working to identify copyright holders and determine the copyright status of its objects. If you have information about our objects or know more about their history, please contact If you are a copyright holder or the agent for a copyright holder of an object in our collection or content on our website and you have a concern or an objection about an image in our online database or other content on our website, contact in writing with your name and contact information, a link to the relevant object or content, and a statement of your concern or objection.

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