The Great Black Hawk, arguably one of the most celebrated, watched, and mourned birds ever in Maine, is about to find its final home at the Maine State Museum. Both avid and armchair birders from near and far followed the story of the Great Black Hawk, a native of South America that improbably ended up in Maine in 2018 and stayed for weeks, eating squirrels in Portland’s Deering Oaks Park. The winter months proved too much for this bird, however, and it had to be euthanized in late January 2019 after frostbite caused severe damage to its legs.

The Great Black Hawk will be taking up residence in the Maine State Museum’s collection. This beautiful raptor will be on display soon and will doubtless continue to fascinate visitors and teach lessons about vagrant and resident birds, species survival and adaptation, and how one creature visiting from afar can captivate so many hearts and minds.

Watch for news of when the Great Black Hawk will be on view!


Maine State Museum