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Meet Maine Here.

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The Maine State Museum’s staff of professionals is always ready to assist visitors, potential visitors, researchers, or anyone who is interested in the museum and its collections and programs. Staff may be reached by mail at:

Maine State Museum
83 State House Station
Augusta, Maine 04333-0083

The Maine State Museum’s street address is:

Maine State Museum
230 State Street
Augusta, Maine 04330

All museum staff may also be contacted through the museum’s main phone number, 207-287-2301, by e-mail at, or at the individual phone numbers listed below.




  • Bernard Fishman, Museum Director (207-287-6607)
  • Sheila McDonald, Deputy Museum Director (207-287-6603)
  • Gabrielle Stanhope, Office Assistant (207-287-2301)

Curatorial Programs

  • Laureen A. LaBar, Chief Curator of History and Decorative Arts
  • Angela Goebel-Bain, Curator of Historical Collections (207-287-6658)
  • Ben Stickney, Acting Curator of Photography (207-287-8109)
  • David M. Work, Chief Scientist and Curator of Geology
  • Paula T. Work, Curator of Systematic Collections (Natural History and Archaeology)

Collections Management and Conservation

  • Linda Carrell, Conservation Specialist (207-287-6659)
  • Natalie Liberace, Collections Manager (207-287-8109)
  • Amy Thompson, Acting Registrar (207-287-8109)
  • Teresa Myers, Conservation Specialist (207-287-6659)

Education and Visitor Services

  • Joanna Torow, Chief Educator (207-287-6608)
  • David Hunt, Museum Education Specialist (207-287-2301)
  • Kate Webber, Museum Education Specialist (207-287-2301)
  • Mandy Browne, Educator (207-287-2301)
  • Tammy Costigan, Visitor Services Specialist (207-287-8110)
  • Zachary Dozier, Visitor Services Specialist (207-287-2301)
  • Sharon Wise, Visitor Services Specialist (207-287-8110)

Graphics, Exhibit Design and Preparation

  • Brewster Buttfield, Acting Exhibit Designer
  • Ryan Walker, Exhibits Preparator (508-273-6308)

Membership and Development

  • Linda Frinsko, President, Friends of the Maine State Museum (207-287-2304)
  • Amy E. Waterman, Membership and Development Director (207-287-2304)
  • Margi Hayes, Development Assistant (207-287-2304)

Museum Store

  • Colleen Freise, Manager/Buyer (207-287-2938)
  • Roberta Drummond, Clerk
  • Lexi Johnson, Clerk
  • Maryanne McKinnon, Clerk
  • Kathleen Quintal, Clerk
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