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Long-Standing Favorites

From harvesting ice and granite to a prehistoric meat cache, the Maine State Museum is filled with favorites. Here, we highlight a few exhibits that have quickly become visitor favorites!

Popham Colony: Maine’s First English Settlement

Organized to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the Popham Colony, the exhibit features artifacts excavated during ten years of research on the colony’s site in Phippsburg, Maine. The archaeology of Popham Colony provided important details on the construction and use of Fort St. George, the colony’s central structure. The exhibit shows evidence of Fort St. George’s location, as well as the lifestyle and activities of Popham Colony’s residents. Had the colony survived, it would have joined Jamestown as one of nation’s earliest year-round English settlements. But Popham Colony’s residents, which included only about 100 men, returned to England after a year of difficulties in a harsh, inhospitable environment.


To the Highest Standard

With a focus on Civil War flags, this groundbreaking exhibit presents fragile, original flags carried by Maine soldiers. The flags’ careful exhibition in a controlled museum environment ensures their long-term preservation. Other artifacts featured include the famous pistol captured by Joshua Chamberlain during the bayonet charge on Little Round Top, medals of honor, and items showing everyday life of the Civil War soldier.

Civil War flags are rotated every six months; no more than three are on view at any one time. Check the flag rotation schedule to see what flags are exhibited during a specific time. For additional information about the Maine State Museum’s historic flag collection, Explore the Collections.

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