Meet Maine here.


Meet Maine here.

100 Years to the Vote Teaching Materials

Left: Lou Rogers’ “Tearing Off the Bonds” from the October 19, 1912, issue of Judge. Right: An early H.G. Peter drawing of Wonder Woman (c. 1943). http://cbldf.org/2017/03/she-changed-comics-lou-rogers-advocate-for-womens-rights/

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This series of three lesson plans uses primary sources to introduce students to the women’s suffrage movement in Maine. The lessons are recommended for Grades 4-12. All lessons and materials are digital and available for free download.

For more, explore the exhibit Women’s Long Road – 100 Years to the Vote.

Standards Chart
  • See how the lessons align with Common Core Standards and Maine Learning Results
Introduction to Maine Women’s Suffrage
  • A guide for teachers and students (6-8th Grade reading level)


Lesson Plans

Lesson 1-  State by State

  • How suffragists used maps to work for equal voting rights (Recommended Grades 4-6)

Lesson 2 – Cartooning for a Cause

  • How Maine artist Lou Rogers’ comics influenced the nation (Recommended Grades 6-8)

Lesson 3 – Mainers Speak Up

  • Recreating a historic women’s suffrage debate (Recommended Grades 8 and Up)



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