Meet Maine here.


Meet Maine here.

Lesson 3 – Mainers Speak Up


Recreating a historic women’s suffrage debate (Recommended Grades 8-12)

Lesson Plan Materials

Lesson Plan [Print 1 copy for teacher]

Student Packet [Print 1 copy per student]:

The Student Packet includes:

  • Debate History Handout
  • 1914 Debate Article
  • Historical Hints
  • Schedule of Events
  • Debate Speech Planning Sheet

Team Packet [Print 1 copy per student team, as needed]

The Team Packet includes:

  • Role A Handout
  • Role B Handout
  • Pro-suffrage Resource Packet
  • Anti-suffrage Resource Packet

Judges’ Sheet [Print 1 copy per judge]

Cast List [Print 1 copy for teacher]

Maine State Museum