Meet Maine here.


Meet Maine here.

Scavenger Hunts and Family Fun

At-Home Activities

Can’t make it to the museum? These guided activities give your family the opportunity to learn and play with the Maine State Museum anyway

Tom McPherson photo of children in the At Home in Maine exhibit at the Maine State Museum.

Join us in a 1960s Living Room! 

Take a video tour through the Maine State Museum’s 1960s living room and challenge friends and family to a photo game!




Logging Camps, River Drives, and Sawmills

Check out the story of Maine logging, learn about food in a lumber camp, and find out how to read tree rings!


Still image from an instructional Youtube video.

Flight to Extinction – The Story of the Passenger Pigeon

Learn how a bird vanished from Maine and the rest of the country, then make your own origami passenger pigeon out of paper!


Lazy Daisies, Silk Ribbons & Spider Webs:  Mary Louise Orr’s 1890 Crazy Quilt

Explore a crazy quilt with our discovery guide, make your own paper quilt, and use letters from Helen Keller to learn square handwriting!



Make your own glider out of paper

Learn about the 17 year old Mainer who built his own full-sized glider in 1911, then try it out yourself with different paper airplane patterns!



Traveling through Maine 200 Years Ago

Take your family on an adventure through Maine with this interactive 1820 map and journal.




Museum Moments

Short video clips from your favorite parts of the Maine State Museum!




Activities for use at the Maine State Museum

Choose, download, and print your own scavenger hunt or activity guide to bring to the museum with you (recommended for large groups). Scavenger Hunts are also available at the museum’s Welcome Desk for small groups.

Maine State Museum Scavenger Hunt helps you explore a variety of exhibits throughout the museum. In addition to being lots of fun, this scavenger hunt encourages observation, critical thinking, and careful recording of information.

Explore the Museum Like a Scientist! activity guides spark curiosity and encourage young visitors to think like scientists by making good observations, asking questions, making comparisons, collecting information, and testing ideas. Choose and download one or all and have fun!

Creators and Innovators activity guide introduces students and families to a variety of Maine inventors whose stories and products are on display throughout the museum. It encourages observation, creativity, and careful recording of information.



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