Meet Maine here.


Meet Maine here.

Maine State House


Notice – the Blaine House and State House are currently closed to the public. For the latest information, please visit the Maine State Legislature website

If you would like to learn more about the Blaine House, please visit the Friends of the Blaine House website.  


Regular visits:

The Maine State House in Augusta is the state capitol of the State of Maine. The building is open to the public 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday. You are welcome to explore the 1832 building on your own to see the Hall of Flags, portraits of Maine politicians, and artwork in the Senate Chamber. There is a self-guided tour pamphlet available. There is also a State House Fossil Hunt for children. Access to the House and Senate chambers is usually limited to scheduled tours. If Legislature is in session during your visit, you may be able to observe from gallery seating.

Please note: The State House is closed on Saturday, Sunday, and all state holidays.

If you want to be sure to visit the State House when the full House or Senate is meeting in their respective chambers, check the Legislative Session Schedule. Space in the House and Senate galleries is limited and may not be available for large groups.

Guided tours:

Free tours are available Monday through Friday at 9:00 a.m., 10:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m., and noon. Scheduled school groups have priority for morning tours.

The guided tour varies based on daily use of the building and size of the group, but may include the Hall of Flags and the House and Senate chambers, as well as a history of the building. It is appropriate for children age nine (Grade 4) and older. Length of tour is 45 – 60 minutes, based on time and availability. 30 person maximum. NO ADMISSION CHARGED. Click here to schedule a tour.

Before you visit:

SPECIAL NOTICE Maine Capitol Police officers are now conducting entry screening of all visitors to the Maine State House, including students. To expedite the screening process, please:

  • arrive early for your State House Tour to allow time for the screening process; time needed for the screening process will vary;
  • if possible, start your visit to the State House Complex at the Maine State Museum where you can leave lunches and bags in the bins provided, or in the museum’s coat room;
  • if your group is going directly to the State House, please leave lunches, bags, unnecessary metal objects, and other personal belongings on the bus or in your car; and
  • understand that cell phones, keys, and other personal belongs brought into the State House will be screened by an x-ray machine.

During inclement weather or if the group is very large, groups should enter the State House through the Cross State Office Building, opposite the State House. Once inside the building, take an immediate right, go directly down the stairs and through the connector to the State House. Please stay in line to one side of the hallway to allow others to pass.


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