The historic flag cases in the State House Hall of Flags are getting a good cleaning and new wax surface, thanks to museum conservator, Teresa Myers, intern Tori Hatchell, and consultant Isleen Halvorsen. Installed in 1911 and 1924, the cases held flags carried by Mainers in the Civil War, Spanish-American War, and World War I. Since 2003, the cases have held reproduction flags, following the removal of the originals to better storage and exhibition space at the Maine State Museum.

Isleen Halvorsen (top), Tori Hatchell (middle), and Teresa Myers carefully apply a protective wax coating to a flag case in the State House Hall of Flags.

Made of cast iron, the beautiful cases have become historic in their own right, warranting the careful cleaning and waxing by museum personnel, who are also applying a material to stabilize rust. At the conclusion of the treatment, the case colors will appear more saturated, with a soft shine finish. The new wax will surface will protect the cases against dust, light exposure, and fingerprints for the next ten years.

Maine State Museum