Meet Maine here.


Meet Maine here.

Group of museum employees gathered around a table rolling a painting.

Museum staff rolling a large painting to prepare it for moving.

What’s Been Going On at the Museum?


An Update on the Cultural Building’s Renovation

Are you missing the Maine State Museum? You are not alone. Many people have expressed frustration that the museum has been closed for so long and will not open until late 2025, or the early months of 2026.

The reasons for this long timeline? The renovation of the Cultural Building, the 55- year-old structure that houses the State Museum, State Archives, and State Library, has been much more complex than anyone expected. The Cultural Building’s needs required a down-to-the-bones rebuilding to comply with new building codes, achieve energy efficiency, create a safe and stable interior environment, provide better accessibility, replace worn-out finishes, and upgrade technology systems.

Workers inside an open building space with construction materials.

Sub-contractors install a ramp into the large remodeled gallery that will feature two humpback whale skeletons.

The general contractor for this massive renovation project is scheduled to finish in December 2024. Museum staff will then jump into action to implement plans for new exhibits and a family-friendly education center. It will be an all-hands-on-deck effort to pack, transport, and unpack stored museum collections, assemble exhibit cases, paint, install interactives, and re-establish museum workshops and labs.

Many thanks to Maine people and visitors for the continuing support and patience during this lengthy process. Museum staff are excited to unveil a sparkling, dynamic, engaging, and more comfortable Maine State Museum. Stay tuned!

A Behind the Scenes Look at Construction in Progress


Museum staff have been busier than ever in planning the new exhibits and educational interactives that will be unveiled when the museum reopens. Take a look at just a few of the tasks that staff have tackled to continue current services or prepare for new ones.

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