Meet Maine here.


Meet Maine here.

Join us in a 1960s Living Room!

Tom McPherson photo of children in the At Home in Maine exhibit at the Maine State Museum.

This photo shows the 1960s living room in the At Home in Maine exhibit. If you’ve visited the Maine State Museum, you’ve probably been here before! What about the room looks different from living rooms today? What looks the same?

Mainers have always enjoyed socializing at home. Before today’s technology, neighbors, friends, and family members played cards and games. They often gathered to make music or pushed the furniture against the walls for a kitchen dance. In the 1930s and 1940s, radio stations throughout the state broadcast local country and western programs, encouraging Mainers to gather around their radios and listen. In the 1950s, many former radio talents performed on local television stations. This 1960s living room has not only a television, but also a projector playing home videos. Technology and styles have changed over the years, but Mainers still enjoy relaxing at home with family and good friends! 

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Join us for an online photo hunt using images from Maine in the 1960s! The images are from the collections of the Maine State Museum and the Maine Historical Society. 

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