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Meet Maine Here.

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Meet Maine Here.



  • Bernard Fishman, Museum Director, (207-287-6607), Bernard.Fishman[at]
  • Sheila McDonald, Deputy Museum Director, (207-287-6603), Sheila.McDonald[at]
  • Gabrielle Stanhope, Office Assistant, (207-287-2301), Gabrielle.Stanhope[at]

Curatorial Programs

  • Laureen A. LaBar, Chief Curator of History and Decorative Arts, Laurie.Labar[at]
  • Angela Goebel-Bain, Curator of Historical Collections, (207-287-6658), Angela.Goebel-Bain[at]
  • Zach Selley, Curator of Archives, Zachariah.Selley[at]
  • Ben Stickney, Acting Curator of Photography, (207-287-8109), Benjamin.D.Stickney[at]
  • David M. Work, Chief Scientist and Curator of Geology, David.Work[at]
  • Paula T. Work, Curator of Systematic Collections, (Natural History and Archaeology), Paula.Work[at]

Collections Management and Conservation

  • Natalie Liberace, Collections Manager, (207-287-8109), Natalie.Liberace[at]
  • Amy Thompson, Acting Registrar, (207-287-8109), Amy.Thompson[at]
  • Teresa Myers, Objects Conservator, (207-287-6659), Teresa.Myers[at]

Education and Visitor Services

  • Joanna Torow, Chief Educator, (207-287-6608), Joanna.Torow[at]
  • David Hunt, Museum Education Specialist, (207-287-2301), David.Hunt[at]
  • Kate Webber, Museum Education Specialist, (207-287-2301), Kate.Webber[at]
  • Mandy Browne, Educator, (207-287-2301), Amanda.Browne[at]
  • Tammy Costigan, Visitor Services Specialist, (207-287-8110)
  • Zachary Dozier, Visitor Services Specialist, (207-287-2301)
  • Sharon Wise, Visitor Services Specialist, (207-287-8110)

Graphics, Exhibit Design and Preparation

  • Brewster Buttfield, Acting Exhibit Designer
  • Ryan Walker, Exhibits Preparator, (508-273-6308), Ryan.Walker[at]

Membership and Development

  • Linda Frinsko, President, Friends of the Maine State Museum, (207-287-2304)
  • Amy E. Waterman, Membership and Development Director, (207-287-2304), Amy.E.Waterman[at]

Museum Store

  • The Museum Store is unavailable during the museum’s closure
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